What do I get in SMcharts.com site?

You get buy and sell signals on our charts with trailing stoploss.

How long you have been in the markets?

We are in the markets from last 12 years. However, we are serving clients with our trading formula from 2010.

How is smcharts.com different from other sites?

In smcharts.com, buy and sell signals can be viewed directly in our site. Like other sites, you need not download the software and purchase data every month.

Is there any demo available?

Yes, we want our clients to fully understand about our product before subscribing. To avail free trial, click here

Free trial is available for how many days?

We are offering fully functional free trial for complete 24 hours.

What all segments are available in smcharts.com site?

Currently we are offering Index, stock futures and commodity future services for both intraday and positional traders.

Is customer support available during live market hours?

Yes, a full fledged customer support is available for any query during live market hours.

What are the timings of customer care department?

Customer care department is available from 9 AM to 8 PM on all working days.

Why are the charges very less when compared with other sites?

As a mission to take our product to every individual, we introduced the product with very affordable and reasonable price.

Are there any terms or conditions for using your site?

Yes, we do have normal terms and conditions. Please visit our terms and conditions page to know more about this section.

Do we need to download any software after subscribing to your product?

No, you need not download any software. After subscription, we provide a user name and password with which you need to login into our website.

What are the charges of your service?

We have 3 packages available and cost of each package per month is Rs.500/- For more details, please visit our services page.

What is the mode of payment?

There are 2 modes of payment - Online and offline payment.

What is online payment?

Online payment includes net banking, debit card and credit card payments.

What is offline payment?

Offline payment includes cheque deposit and cash deposit.

For offline payment, what are the account details?

We have ICICI bank details in our offline payment page. Please visit for more details.

Do you support all banks in online payment?

Yes, we do support all banks and all cards in online payment mode.

After online payment, do we need to send any mail?

No, after online payment, just check your mail. If the payment is successful, you do get login details and payment invoice immediately.

After offline payment, how do we need to intimate?

After cash or cheque deposit, please fill the form in our offline payment page. Our billing department will check and send you login credentials.

How many days you take to send us login credentials in offline payment mode?

We check all payment at the end of the day. So, the very next day you will get your login details to your email ID. You can check your mail at 9 AM. Please note that login details are sent only on the realization of your payment.

Is there any discount available with you?

Yes, if client takes subscription for multiple months, we are offering smart discounts. More information can be seen in our products page.

What if the transaction is failed in online payment process?

You can close the browser and reopen to initiate a new payment.

What if the amount is debited and login details not received?

If the amount is debited, transaction is successful and login details not received, kindly contact our customer care to get the login credentials. If the amount is debited and transaction is unsuccessful, please wait for some time, amount will be refunded back to your bank account with in 7 working days.

Is your online payment mode safe?

Yes, absolutely. CCAVENUE is the gateway provider for smcharts.com and it is 100% safe.

How to buy and sell the stock as per your charts?

It's as easy as 123. When you see green triangle, buy the stock and when you see red triangle, sell the stock.

Should I buy immediately after the signal is generated?

No, after the signal is generated, wait till the respective candle is closed. You can buy/sell immediately after the next candle starts.

Are your charts developed for intraday or positional traders?

In every scrip, we provide 2 charts. One is intraday chart for day trading, BTST and STBT trading purpose and the other is positional chart for delivery traders.

Are the charts of real time or delay?

All charts are of real time with out any delay. However, charts refresh after every 10 seconds. So a maximum delay of 10 seconds may be seen.

What is the accuracy of your charts?

On an average, one can find 85% accuracy in our charts.

Is there Stoploss available on your charts?

Yes, we are supporting all trading with trailing stoploss process which also safeguards your capital.

Can we change time periods on the chart?

No, our formula works best with 10 minutes time frame as per our back testing results. So, we have preset all intraday charts with 10 minutes and positional charts with daily time period.

Can we observe multiple charts at a time?

Yes, this has been the latest feature we included. After logging in, click on multi-chart view to see 4 charts at a time.

Will you people trade for us?

No, we do not have any portfolio management services. We only offer trading chart services.

Once if I miss the signal, can I know where the signal is generated and the status of the signals?

Yes, in the bottom of the chart, we are providing information box which shows you all details of the present signal.

Is there any SMS facility available?

Right now we do not have any SMS facility. However, we may introduce the same in near future.